5 feet of Awesome

12. Your cosplay idol.

[All pictures belong to the cosplayers mentioned.]

abkluflshfiahf this is a tough question.

There are so many people I admire. Some of them are good friends, some of them are just people I know but admire even more. Some are people who just happened to catch my attention with one special cosplay.

I guess I’ll try to make a short list, no specific order.

darcywilliam's Jake cosplay. Holy cow. I have never seen such an incredible Jake Martinez..


I don’t know him personally, but from what I’ve seen through comments about his cosplay, or responses to my own comments, he seems like a really cool person.

chularin afklsf jealousy everywhere. But a good jealousy. The cosplay she makes always looks great, and I love the way she does characters` makeup. For characters like Feferi, especially (I had to steal her picture for the post orz). I’m always eager to see what she’s planning next, and I admittedly get pretty sad when I hear that she’s forced to drop a cosplay that she’s mentioned, for whichever reason. But the ones she does get to do are enough to make up for those.


koi-shly I always look forward to seeing her and pikalachan at conventions and seeing what new duo-cosplay they’ve come up with. It impresses me to no end. The wigs are always perfect, in a way that I’m pretty sure is not even real. I don’t know what I mean by that, it just ISN’T POSSIBLE. Same with the props, though! I don’t even know the series that this picture I’m using is from, but those wings, and that dress, and everything about it is just too amazing. I really admire her skills. As for pikalachan, all of her cosplays are beautiful. Even more, she really knows how to bring out her photos with just the right poses and facial expressions to fit her characters. Also, I really love her dresses o vo

Another thing these people have in common (and what I’m assuming, for the one I’ve only spoken to a couple of times online orz) is that they don’t take cosplay so seriously. What I mean, is, some people forget to have fun, or look down on people whose cosplays aren’t “up to par”, despitefun being what Cosplay is all about. They don’t seem afraid to just be silly.

That’s pretty admirable, if you ask me.