5 feet of Awesome

6. Your favourite cosplay (that you have done)

This is an incredibly difficult question.. Most of my cosplays (as cheesy as it sounds) hold a place in my heart for different reasons. How about a top 3? (in no order)

John. It’s a really new cosplay, and I can’t always know if he’ll stay a favorite, but I really enjoyed cosplaying Egbert. I love a cosplay where I have an excuse to be a complete dork/goof. (Hence why I love Lambo, as well) Plus, this cosplay helped me to make some amazing new friends!

Barnaby. Even though I don’t think I make the best Barnaby, it was just awesome to be able to cosplay the amazing duo, Tiger and Barnaby, with one of my best friends. Not to mention, cosplaying him got me to get to know and enjoy him as a character more than I did before.

Terra. I think it was mostly because I really worked the hardest on hers, and she was a favorite character of mine before I got into cosplaying or even anime. So the reality of cosplaying her was almost overwhelming, honestly. Even more so when people actually recognized me (I seriously didn’t think they would) Especially getting to make actual props. I’m not a prop making genius, and these turned out pretty nicely, so I was excited ; v;

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